The 2019 Scirocco Manitoba Playwriting Competition

June 3, 2019 | MAP NewsCompetitions

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Scirocco Manitoba Playwriting Competition, and to the Prairie Theatre Exchange Youth Acting Conservatory, for a stellar presentation on Saturday, June 1st, as part of the PTE New Works Festival.  A terrific share!  Thank you to Cairn Moore (Director), to Megan Andres (Dramaturg), to all the parents, classmates, and teachers who came out to support us, and to PTE for hosting the event.  

PTE Youth Acting Conservatory - Aidan Zeglinski, William Carrette, Darian Shaw, Ella Scratch, Seraphim Scratch, Ashlin Daly, Maia Woods, Sophie Helmer, Nora Kroeger, Nina Eilber

Playwrights - Lindsey Taylor (The Good Germ, College Lorette Collegiate), Katie Dodgson (Forget Me Not, St. John's Ravenscourt), Nina Hutsulak (Keys To The Castle, St. Mary's Academy), Mona Zorigoo (Happily Ever After Ever After, Kelvin High School).  

Looking forward to 2020 ...