Jail Baby

Written By: Hope McIntyre and Cairn Moore

Synopsis: Jasmine bursts into the world unlike your typical newborn child and is anointed a “jail baby.” Born in prison, raised by a mother who revolved in and out of the correctional system, tossed
in and out of foster care, Jasmine is destined to become one of society’s monsters. When she finds herself pregnant and facing her most serious charge yet, Jasmine is horrified at the thought of having her unborn child repeat her life of despair. Through a series of parodies, myths about incarcerated women are woven together with scenes from Jasmine’s journey. From bad prison B movies, to Kangaroo Court, the ensemble of characters turn common beliefs on their heads in order to make the audience question their preconceptions of women “offenders.”



History: Jail Baby was first produced by Sarasvàti Productions at the University of Winnipeg Asper Centre
for Theatre and Film in Winnipeg from May 16 to 26, 2013.



Availability: Published by Scirocco. Copy in MAP library.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 1M / 8F

Genres: Comedy ,  Drama