Julio and Ronabette

Written By: Dale Watts

Synopsis: In this mild spoof, a Valley girl named Ronabette and an Hispanic from East Los Angeles named Julio meet at a party and fall in lust with each other. In their attempt to get together, Julio damages her father's property and must face a small claims court presided over by an irascible Judge.

History: This play was first performed at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba in July 2010 and subsequently at the A-Spire Theatre in Gimli, Manitoba through the Summer Theatre in Gimli program in August 2010.

Availability: The play is available in a book of four plays entitled Four On the Floor: One-Act Stage Comedies. It may be accessed in the MAP Library.

Running Time (mins): under 20

Cast: 2M / 2F

Genres: Comedy