Never Trust a Naked Marriage Counsellor

Written By: Robert Johannson

Alternate Titles: Marriage Counsellor

Synopsis: Nick and Cynthia head off to the Marriage Clinic to deal with some of there relationship problems. Unfortunately Cynthia's ex-husband, Sidney, has just been hired there, and Nick's estanged wife, Norah, is also a social worker at the Marriage Clinic. The fact that Norah's new boyfriend, Pierre, is also in town adds to the chaos, the confusion and the outrageous humour.

History: Never Trust a Naked Marriage Counsellor was first performed at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival in 2009.

Availability: digital copies of the play may be obtained from the author at or print versions from

Running Time (mins): 76-120

Cast: 3M / 2F

Genres: Comedy