Power: J. S. Woodsworth and W. L. Mackenzie King

Written By: Robert Johannson

Synopsis: In 1926 Prime Minister W. L. Mackenzie King found himself with the first minority government in Canadian history. As the House of Commons debated the Conservative's Non-Confidence motion, he received a letter from J. S. Woodsworth asking what his legislative intentions were in regard to relief for the unemployed and old age pensions. He replied by inviting Woodsworth to dinner. This play is a dramatic re-creation of that meeting.

It is a portrayal of two of the great figures of Canadian politics as they struggled to define their political identities, in relation to Canada, and in relation to each other.


History: POWER was first given a staged reading at Prairie Theatre Exchange, on March 14, 1994, as part of the observance of the 75th Anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike. W. L. Mackenzie King: Keith James J. S. Woodsworth: Jon Ted Wynne Directed by Nancy Drake

It was later rewritten and performed in 2010 at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.

It was later condensed into a one man show with J. S. Woodsworth as the narrator, and produced at the Winnipeg International Fringe Theatre Festival.

It was later condensed into a half-hour and performed at the American Society for Cybernetics meeting in Vancouver in 2019, the 100th anniversary of the General Strike.

Availability: Draft in MAP archives. Published by Berserker Press. Copy in MAP library.

The revised two man show, the one man show, and the condensed one man show are available from the author at johannson.robert@gmail.com.

The print version is out of print.

Running Time (mins): 76-120

Cast: 2M

Genres: Drama