The Norbals

Written By: Brian Drader

Synopsis: Winner of the Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition.

“Drader’s many years multi-tasking as an actor, director, and writer have come into full gale force in this hilarious two-hour show … a dynamic, galloping script … Drader’s ability to blend keen character observations, poignancy and wit make The Norbals a real Canadian Classic.” Winnipeg Free Press

“The Norbals’ struggle is symbolic of the universal balancing act performed by all adult children as they wrestle with maintaining the family they’re born into and nurturing the one they create when they strike out on their own … stylish and slick, it puts a fresh, wildly funny face on family – an institution struggling to re-define itself.” Winnipeg Sun

“Five out of five stars” The Toronto Sun

A heart-warming comedy about a loving but dysfunctional family in the throes of a Christmas crisis, The Norbals will make you feel a whole lot better about those strange people you call relatives. Danny and Penny are broke but too proud to admit it, narcoleptic Randall is bringing home his fourth partner in as many years, Bee is half way through a sex change, Mom decides to celebrate Winter Solstice instead of Christmas to include Bee’s lesbian Jewish girlfriend – but Sean’s surprise outdoes them all…

History: Canadian and American productions. 

Availability: Draft in MAP archives. Published by Scirocco. Copy in MAP library.

Contact the author, or Playwrights Guild of Canada. 

Running Time (mins): 76-120

Cast: 5M / 4F

Genres: Comedy