To Be Frank

Written By: Brian Drader

Synopsis: Frank is your average disorganized, distracted, net-surfing high school kid, who’s also assistant editor of the school newspaper. Emma, the paper’s editor, orders Frank to cut an anonymous letter criticizing one of the school’s most unpopular teachers. When the letter accidentally gets printed and Emma gets into trouble with the school principal, Frank desperately tries to find a way to appease the situation. With an unhappy administration censoring their every move, Frank proposes a risky solution that could circumvent their school’s punitive actions, or add fuel to the fire.

An engaging look at censorship in the age of the internet, and the trials of teen life in the 21st century.

History: Canadian and European productions.


Availability: Contact the author.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 2M / 2F

Genres: Theatre for Young Audiences