Wine and Little Breads

Written By: Armin Wiebe

Synopsis: When Louella, the preacher’s wife, calls on Oata to investigate rumours of her sinful justice-of-the-peace marriage, small talk about dresses, rings, noodle machines, and shower gifts from mothers-in-law rapidly relaxes into playful theological questions such as “Must we be thankful that we are born bad?” and “Are you feeling the rib?” When Oata reveals that a childhood prayer makes her think of God as a cauliflower, Louella blurts out that the same prayer makes her taste wine and little breads. Thus begins a revealing of the darkness lurking behind the surface appearances of family and community as victims break silences and find strength to confront perpetrators and their enablers.

History: A short version was produced by Winnipeg Mennonte Theatre in 2014.

The full version was workshopped by Theatre Projects Manitoba and Manitoba Association of Playwrights and was given a public reading at Prairie Theatre Exchange's Carol Shields Festival of New Works in 2018.

2019 Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition Honourable Mention

Availability: Copies of this play can be obtained from the playwright. Email:

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 2M / 4F

Genres: Drama