Richard (Rick) Caslake

Rick Caslake was born in Winnipeg; and, despite his sojourns to exotic places (Paris, Rome, London, Edinburgh, and North Kildonan), his heart remains in this city’s Fort Rouge district.

He is a proud father to daughter Carlie and son Chris, and grandfather to Zach and Sammy. His writing, which embodies a passion for dialogue, love for his craft and a childlike enthusiasm for storytelling, has taken him on his journey into the world of theatre. He’s been acting out and telling tales since he first learned to talk – and, according to family & friends, there’s no sign of him stopping anytime soon.

Rick is a graduate of PTE Theatre School, a member of the Manitoba Association of Playwrights, and Artistic Director of Eeshka Peeshka – A Theatre Company. Rick discovered his dramatic street smarts in the alley-ways behind many of the world’s theatres.

Plays by Richard (Rick) Caslake

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