Robert Johannson

Robert Johannson is a systems thinker, an anti-poverty activist, a bookkeeper, a recovering Shakespeare scholar, a lecturer,  a retired politician, a poet, a parent and grandparent, a retired United Church of Canada ordained minister, and a playwright.

His plays tend to focus on historical, political, and religious themes. Thus Charles Wesley is a one man chancel play about the Wesleyan methodist revival as told by Charles Wesley and his hymns. The Ecstacy of St. Teresa is about contemplatives St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, and contains a musical accompaniment to The Dark Night of the Soul.

His play Power: J. S. Woodsworth and W. L. Mackenzie King is about the intersection of religion and politics in Canada.

He has also written a two act farce, Never Trust a Naked Marriage Counsellor.