MAP Anti-Racism Statement

June 17, 2020 | MAP News

In solidarity with BIPOC communities, MAP recognizes the systemic racism embedded in our culture.

As a play and playwright service organization, we support storytellers as agents of cultural change, exposing truth and inspiring reform. MAP stands with all creators fighting for social justice and equity.

As Executive Director of MAP, and as a white cisgender male, I recognize that the work to do is mine; my failings, my challenges, my time to struggle. I commit to owning the work that I need to do; to identify and deconstruct my complicity in systemic racist structures and behaviour; to seek out ways that I can contribute to reparations; to identify what my BIPOC colleagues and friends are telling me that I’m not hearing and showing me that I’m not seeing; to listen, to learn, and to act on what I learn, on behalf of myself and the Manitoba Association of Playwrights. 

Brian Drader
Executive Director

Below are some links to local organizations and resources for those who may need support, or for those looking for ways to support BIPOC communities and initiatives;

Black Space Winnipeg

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Manitoba Office

Red Tent

CAEA Not in OUR Space

Ka Ni Kanichihk

The Bear Clan 

Mama Bear Clan