MAP Constitution and By-Laws proposed amendments

August 2, 2019 | Member ActivityMAP News

For discussion and voting at MAP's AGM, September 24th, 2019

Dear Members,

At MAP’s Tuesday, September 24th, 6:00 pm Annual General Meeting, the MAP Board of Directors will be putting forward proposed changes and amendments to our organization’s Constitution and By-laws. Our governing document has not been updated since our incorporation in 1984, and we felt it timely, on the eve of our 40th anniversary, to address some outdated language and policies.

There are no sweeping or overly significant changes to governing policies. In general, the changes and amendments reflect;
Clarified Executive Committee position titles.
Clarified election and appointment processes for Board and Executive Committee members.
Clarified Board and Executive Committee responsibilities and policies.
Synchronizing language and policy between the Constitution and By-Laws.
Updating communication and voting policies and process to reflect current digital and information technology (there was no email or social media in 1984!).

Any amendments to our Constitution & Bylaws must be ratified by a majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting to be valid. To prepare for our AGM discussion and vote, I have attached two documents (click on the links to view); One highlights the proposed changes (deletions in red, additions in green) MAP Constitution & By-Laws proposed amendments, the other is a clean document with all proposed changes incorporated MAP Constitution & By-Laws amendments implemented

If you plan on attending the AGM (we’d love to see you there!), please take some time to review the proposed changes in preparation for the discussion and vote. We will have the document projected during the AGM to review and discuss the changes, but of course a little bit of preparation will expedite that process considerably.

MAP would like to thank Board members Cherry Karpyshin, Ann Hodges, Kathy Clune, and Karen Clavelle for the many hours of work reflected in these documents.

See you at the AGM!


Brian Drader
Executive Director
Manitoba Association of Playwrights