Christmas Karl, A

Written By: Book and lyrics by Scott Douglas, music by Andrew Douglas

Synopsis: Chase Doerksen, a deadly-earnest, anti-consumer activist, decides to visit Abby, her mall-worn mother, in her dreams. She recruits her culture-savvy boyfriend, Simon. Reluctant to adopt her agenda, he tags along as his affection for her is put to the test.

An exuberant Chase is vulnerable to the guidance of Karl, a homeless person who fashions himself as an angel with a message that someone is dying. Chase's nocturnal visit to her mom backfires and mayhem ensues.

Will mother and daughter unite? Will the Ghost of Christmas Future have its way? This is a brand new Christmas pageant - complete with Broadway-style songs - it promises to be a modern classic.

Especially written for Buy Nothing Christmas, the musical is available to local producers who want to provide a drama that both entertains and asks tough questions.

History: 2004 - Commissioned by Buy Nothing Christmas and produced in various locations in Manitoba.

Availability: Available from

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 2M / 2F

Genres: Comedy ,  Musical