Treading Water

Written By: Scott Douglas

Synopsis: A one-person play for two people.  A playwright approaching his middle age sets out to produce an autobiographical one-person show, a la Spalding Gray, but very quickly realizes that his life offers little in the way of "events."  As he describes it, he realizes that his life is characterized by "not really going anyway, just staying in one spot, treading water."  Desperate not to bore the audience with his boring life, he starts telling stories about his larger-than-life grandfather.  Unfortunately this causes the character of his grandfather (a young man full of drive, charm, wise sayings and witty anecdotes) to appear onstage, starting a contest between playwright and grandfather and over whose one-person show this is.  As their competing stories lead them into dark places (the playwright's depression, the grandfather's Alzheimer's, Spalding Gray's suicide) they find a poignant and human connection.

History: 2009 - Produced at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Availability: Contact playwright.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 2M

Genres: Drama