The 2020/2021 MAP Resident Dramaturg Program

The MAP Resident Dramaturg Program is a 2020/2021 pilot project (October 2020 to June 2021) designed to support the artists who support the playwrights and new theatre creators. This initiative is targeted to engage with our region’s emerging artists, particularly those from historically marginalized communities.

The 2020/2021 Resident Dramaturgs are –

Debbie Patterson, Ian Ross, and Hazel Venzon

Debbie, Ian, and Hazel are already deeply engaged in our theatre community, and are already passionately serving emerging and diverse theatre artists. The MAP Resident Dramaturg Program is intended to support that work, while enriching their engagement within those communities. They will be meeting regularly with MAP’s Executive Director to exchange knowledge and share resources, to explore ways that MAP can support the full diversity of our region’s storytellers, and to investigate the dramaturgical practice in general. As well, MAP’s adhoc team of dramaturgs will be invited into the ongoing dialogue at targeted points in the year ahead, to continue our collective and ongoing exploration under MAP’s Dramaturgically Speaking banner. 

For more information, please contact Brian in the MAP office.