The Open Door

The Open Door

The Open Door sessions take place from October to May, and are open to the public.  Some sessions are devoted to play readings, where the playwright hears their script read by actors, followed by a dramaturgically led discussion and feedback session in a safe and supportive environment. The Open Door can also be tailored to the specific needs of the playwright, such as a reading or working session with an ad hoc or established company's actors working on one of its member's scripts. The playwright may choose to bring their own dramaturgical support; otherwise the Open Doors are facilitated by Brian Drader, MAP's Executive Director and in-house dramaturg.  

On occasion, an Open Door session is devoted to Playwright development, focusing on such topics as the 10 minute play, scene work, monologues, stage directions, or the business of playwriting.   

open doorRory Runnells Studio, 5th floor of Artspace, 100 Arthur St.

The Open Door is available to all MAP members.  If you're interested in having your play considered for an Open Door reading, contact Brian.

The door is open for you.