The Manitoba Association of Playwrights is a non-profit organization that supports playwrights & playwriting in Manitoba.


MAP was formed in 1979. Over the past 38 years it has played a crucial role in the development of plays and playwrights in Manitoba.


MAP's Mission & Values

MAP nurtures excellence in Manitoba playwriting and champions playwrights and plays.


Core Values

  • playwriting is an art form that has the power to entertain, to educate, to startle and to transform society.
  • the creation of new plays is crucial to the existence of a living theatre.
  • playwriting thrives in a safe environment that supports and encourages creative freedom and exploration.
  • playwriting potentially has as many voices as there are people: the diversity of unique artistic visions makes us stronger.


[Rory Runnells photo credit: Michael Roberts,]

Rory Runnells has been the coordinator and artistic director of the Manitoba Association of Playwrights for most of its existence as an organization.

Rory is the face of MAP. Stop by the office to discuss plays and playwriting.

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