High School Playwriting Competition Results

May 28, 2016 | MAP NewsCompetitions

Congratulations to Essence Bella Wandering Spirit Mordoch!

Five strong plays by young playwrights were performed to a large crowd at the RMTC Warehouse Theatre on May 26 and 27.  All five were finalists in the Manitoba Association of Playwrights Scirocco High School Playwriting Competition.  At the end of each night audiences were invited to vote for their favourite play, and after the Friday show the votes were tallied and the winners were announced.

Samantha Machado and Samantha Wilson were runners up with their plays, Supracoracoideus - an inventive and poetic play about young people dying from a rare disease that causes them to sprout wings - and Lost In Between - a coming-of-age comedy about a teenager lost in a foreign airport.

Marcus Schneider was a third place finalist for his play Entropy - a comedy about a university student who opts to drop out and literally do nothing rather than confront the growing chaos and disorder in his life.

Kyla Funk placed second with her play The War Within - an intense drama about an African child soldier forced to make a dramatic decision.

The winner of the Cora McKenzie Award for best play in the 2016 Manitoba High School Playwriting Competition went to Essence Bella Wandering Spirit Mordoch for her play The New Beginning - a haunting drama about the tragedy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada.

Congratulations to all the playwrights, and to all the directors, actors, and others who made this year's competition happen.