A Hotel in Marrakesh

Written By: Laurie Matthew Duncan

Synopsis: A hotel in Marrakesh becomes the haphazard and accidental venue and meeting point of a disparate group of travellers : a portly British man, who treats the locals with contempt ; a widow who comes to Marrakesh in a desperate attempt to glean the meaning of life ; her somnambulistic yet clairvoyant daughter, Olivia, who only communicates in riddles ; a naive French gay man in search of the " romantic " Morroco ; a local swindler and confidence man ; a perenially anxious hotel manager ; and a bellhop who is frantically trying to learn English. As expected, tempers, world views, and languages collide. Amidst the chaos, the widow seeks a consensus - a meaning to it all. She turns to her daughter, who surprisingly comes to life.

Availability: This play is in the possession of the playwright.

Running Time (mins): 20-45

Cast: 5M / 2F

Genres: Comedy ,  Drama