The Fruit Machine

Written By: Brian Drader

Synopsis: 1965. The counter culture is looking for an identity, the RCMP and the Privy Office are looking for homosexuals, and a young family is looking for their place in a rapidly changing world.

1993. A generation separates a young man from the events that tore his family apart, but the past informs the present and time folds in on itself when the truth comes home to roost.

Darkly funny, emotionally explosive, and based on historical fact, The Fruit Machine skillfully weaves the events of two very different times and two very different people into a story about family, political intrigue, love, hate, survival, being gay in the 60’s and being a fag in the 90’s.

Strange times indeed …

History: Canadian and American productions. 

Availability: Prompt script in MAP archives

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Running Time (mins): 76-120

Cast: 2M / 1F

Genres: Drama