Quite An Undertaking

Written By: Veralyn Warkentin, based on memoir by Elizabeth Lycar & Lorrie Guymer

Alternate Titles: Story of Canada's first licensed female mortician

Synopsis: Play adaptation of the memoir "Quite an Undertaking" - the remarkable story of Canada's first licensed female mortician who lived and practiced in The Pas, Manitoba in the early part of the twentieth century.  Following her husband's unexpected death during the Spanish Influenza crisis, Violet Guymer reluctantly takes on the role of town undertaker to support her children. It's the story of gritty, spirited woman perservering in a non-traditional role in the harsh conditions of northern Manitoba.

History: Femfest 2009 by Sarasvati Productions at the University of Winnipeg's Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, directed by Carolyn Gray


Availability: Please contact the playwright at veralyn@shaw.ca

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 1M / 3F

Genres: Adaptation/Translation