Written By: Brian Drader

Synopsis: Nominated for the Governor General’s Award, and the McNally Robinson Book of the Year.  Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Drama (USA), and the Philadelphia Brick Playhouse New Play Award

“Nothing short of electric … Particularly powerful when he holds forth that if people did not leave so much moral authority to church and state, they might bring out the best in themselves, reaching something akin to a state of grace through sexual freedom – a tremendous articulation of Kinsey’s own life, and perhaps for society as a whole.” Uptown

Into a world of seemingly complacent conformity, Professor Alfred C. Kinsey’s 1948 publication Sexual Behavior in the Human Male exploded onto the scene and provided the spark that would become the sexual revolution. And Professor K, or “Prok”, as he was known, had as many secrets as the subjects he interviewed for his groundbreaking studies ….

In a weave of memory and real time, Kinsey’s wife Clara recalls their life together; their first meeting, their wedding night, lovers, conflicts, Kinsey’s work and his colleagues. Kinsey emerges as a complex individual – a renowned scientist and outwardly conventional family man who indulged his own dark private compulsions.

History: Canadian and American productions.  

Availability: Draft in MAP archives. Published by Scirocco. 2 copies in MAP library. 

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Running Time (mins): 76-120

Cast: 2M / 1F

Genres: Drama