An angel named Fred

Written By: Laurie Matthew Duncan

Synopsis: Ethyl and Meredith are a retired couple living in rural Vermont. Ethyl - who dotes on their only child, Justin - is an avid reader of mystery novels and prefers to see the world as a down to earth, no-nonsense proposition. Meredith seems to occupy an entirely different space, speading much time day-dreaming, postulating on the wisdom of trees, and occasionally retreating into near-hallucinogenic states with large doses of valium. Justin is presently expected to arrive for a visit, bringing his latest marital proposition for his parents' blessings, after the previous experiment ended disastrously. When he arrives, he introduces his parents to Cynthia. To the thinly-veiled shock of his parents, Cynthia turns out to be a man in drag, and seems to boot to exhibit a histrionic personality disorder. With strained difficulty, the parents try to skirt around the obvious, while Ethyl - with mounting directness and desperation - tries to discourage the match. It all builds to an increasingly surreal and bizarre climax, that eventually exposes the motive behind the ruse.

Availability: Original draft stored in MAP archive.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 4M / 1F

Genres: Comedy