Written By: Laurie Matthew Duncan

Synopsis: Beth is a widow who lives in a modest Bed and Breakfast establishment that has long since been abandoned, which is situated in the small coastal town of Eastport, Maine. A winter storm is headed to the area, and she braces herself for it. Just before the storm hits, she is startled by the arrival of a Texan named George. Despite the fact that her establishment is no longer in business, she takes pity on the traveller, and grants him temporary refuge for the duration of the storm. As the evening unfolds, however, his story, identity and purpose turn out to be not at all what they might seem.

History: 2012 - Eastport is given a private reading in one of the conference rooms of the Manitoba Theate Centre, under the direction and participation of John Bent - chief sound man for MTC - and Leila Marston, of Eternal Rose Theatre.

Availability: Original draft in the MAP archive. This play has been substantially revised and reformatted. The final version is in the possession of the playwright.

Running Time (mins): 76-120

Cast: 2M / 1F

Genres: Drama