Mr. Petticoat

Written By: Laurie Matthew Duncan

Synopsis: Nigel Fortescue is a renowned casting director stationed in London, who specializes in Shakespearean productions. At the end of a long day, he is interrupted by an unscheduled  applicant for the part of Romeo. With initial irritation and resitance he allows the applicant in. In walks Mr. Petticoat - a seasoned man of the theatre, with apparent credits and experience as long as his arm, which has nonetheless managed to elude the knowledge of the director. Mr. Petticoat announces that he is the greatest Romeo that has ever graced the stage, and insists on auditioning for the part, despite protestations that it's already been cast. But alongside the man's insistence that he is the very embodiment of Shakespeare's dream, what completely confounds and appalls the director is that Mr. Petticoat is also all of 72 years of age. Convinced this is some kind of elaborate joke, he orders the actor out. Mr. Petticoat stands his ground, however, and the director - in a last-dodge attempt to get rid of him - grants him his impromptu audition - an audition that is to include Mr. Fortescue's hapless and abused secretary, Miss Lacy.

Availability: This play is in the possession of the playwright.

Running Time (mins): under 20

Cast: 2M / 1F

Genres: Comedy