Written By: muriel hogue

Synopsis: The play focuses on one day in the life of a long term resident of the King George Hospital in Winnipeg. (One of 3 hospitals which comprised the "Municipals" but now no longer in use. The Riverview Centre is the location). The actor "Meg" contracted polio in 1953 and 42 years later, she is still there as are a few others. She is a survivor whose feistyness and strength of will have kept her fighting for her place in the sun. A multi-disciplined theatre piece, it includes a Dancer who is the movement,etc. of which Meg is no longer capable and a musician who plays the accordion which also is the bellows of the lungs.

History: The play was produced by Red Hen Productions in 1995 for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and remounted in 1996 for the Saskatoon and Edmonton Fringes.

The set of an iron lung and ventilator particularily are stylized. A multi use light drapery hangs from the grid. There needs to be a strong connection amongst the 3 players and the music was improvised at first.


The actor is mature and the dancer is female but the accordionist may be female or male.

Availability: In the MAP archives.

Muriel Hogue is a member of PGC and rights are usually worked through the Guild.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 1M / 2F

Genres: Comedy ,  Drama