Journey in a Tea Cup

Written By: muriel hogue

Synopsis: A memory play for one mature female.   Story Telling.

A lady visits the hall where her funeral reception will be held. She prefers not to go to the service as she's been to too many. As she sorts through her life she revisits her journey from St. Vincent in the Caribbean to her perambulations as a minister's wife in western Canada. It starts in the late Victorian era as she recalls how tea was the key to her survival the adventures life thows at you.

History: Produced by Red Hen Productions at the 2000 Winnipeg Fringe Festival.


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Music for the bit of song from The Gypsy Baron.

Availability: From the MAP archives to Muriel Hogue and Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 1F

Genres: Other