?Juana La Loca?

Written By: Muriel Hogue

Synopsis: At the opening of the play (1520), Juana, the daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain, has been imprisoned for 10 years. Her husband, Philip the Fair, her father and her son, Charles V, have manipulated her, spread rumours and tried to convince others of her unfitness to rule Spain. But was she really mad or just a touch paranoid and obsessive? The Marques de Denia, commissioned by her son, set out to prove her madness or make her so. At various time, Denia assumes the identity of Philip, Charles and Isabella, confusing a physically weakened Juana. But she fights back, engaging him in game-like counter moves. This was one of the first documented cases of deliberate mind bending through now recognized techniques such as sleep deprivation, time distortion and role playing.

History: 1998:  Winnipeg and Saskatoon Fringes

           Theatre New West  (Brandon)

Availability: 2014 Revised copy in MAP archives.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 1M / 1F

Genres: Drama