Written By: Muriel Hogue

Alternate Titles: From the Life of Hildegard of Bingen

Synopsis: A play which reveals the never dying battle for power, the price of war and the struggle of people for meaning in life.

Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century abbess, visionary, healer, poet, composer, preacher and writer was a renaissance woman of the early Middle Ages. As a woman on the fulcrum of the spiritual path between the "old ways"of people connected to the earth and the scholarly ways of the increasingly patriarchal church, she finds herself at the age of 80 in a huge power struggle with the Bishops of Mainz over the interment of a supposedly excommunicated knight.

 Music and original set design are included with the script.



History: "Viriditas" was presented in 1999 as in independent production of RED HEN PRODUCTIONS at the Prairie Theatre Exchange to large aoudiences. Ticket Master said it was the most successful independent show for which they had ever sold tickets.

It had been workshopped in Brandon under the director, Nancy Drake before being presented in Winnipeg.

Almost as much work went into the accompanying music. Much of her music is available on CD's for the style, but they had to be translated into scores. Also closely investigated were some pieces only available in Middle Ages 4 line staff notation. Secular music is of the period as well as some written by the playwright herself.

The cast number is 12 but many play more than one role. You may use a larger cast number if desired. Also the number of musicians is flexible but instruments are preferably authentic to the period.

Availability: Full length play available in MAP archives.

For performance, please contact Muriel Hogue and then PGC.

Running Time (mins): 76-120

Cast: 6M / 6F

Genres: Drama