Written By: Muriel Hogue

Synopsis: Clara is taken from the life of Clara Schumann.Clara and two of her daughters are caught in the Franco-Prussian War. They have until morning to decide if they should leave their beloved house or stay to protect it. Through the night, Clara and her daughters come to know their mother and each other a little better as they tell each other stories of events that influenced their lives.

All the characters, male or female, are are played by three of the women: such as Robert Schumann, Johnnes Brahms and Fredrich Wieck. One woman is a pianist and was staged in the centre around whom all the action flows. All the music is played live.

History: Clara was originally staged at the 1995 Winnipeg Fringe and the Sudbury Fringe.

Subsequently, it toured schools in Manitoba.

It was given a 5 star rating by the Free Press.

Availability: Draft in MAP archives.

Further to MAP, contact Muriel Hogue and PGC.

Running Time (mins): 46-75

Cast: 4F

Genres: Drama